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3 Things You Need to Do When Choosing a Temp Job

Last year alone, it was reported that the commercial giant, Amazon, had recruited 80,000 temporary workers from around the country. Other online retailers too require significant temp labor in today’s economy, needing them to work longer shifts and compensate for suffering revenues.

The nature of job offered may lack the typical job protection for most of these senior citizens, homeless campers, and basically anyone who lacks college education and/or are low-skilled staff hand-picked by employment agencies. But as one labor economist, Mark Price, has bluntly put, US workers, skilled labor or not, cannot hope for protection in the given environment. This is especially true of the condition in New Orleans where, given the surplus labor available, the individuals are often thought of as replaceable.

But to talk about the “anti-worker ideology “with respect to the temporary employment is to talk about only one perspective of it when the industry has its own set of innovative and useful aspects. To begin with, let’s just say that it’s not the temporary workers only who’d be labeled “labor trainees” – without receiving any – and continue to be in a state of limbo, never progressing or being provided a chance at permanent job; the same thing happens in case of a full time job too.

So, if being a temp labor in New Orleans is your only option for now at least, here’s what you should do before contacting an agency like Louisiana Skilled Labor renowned particularly for providing solutions for construction staffing.

1.      Aim to create a perfect resume. Focus on getting jobs that would not only help you pay off your rent and other utility bills, but also teach and inculcate new skills. While submitting a resume as recommended by HR professionals, make sure to keep it short, to the point, and free of typos and errors.

2.      A temp job that connects you with interesting people and lets you enjoy work-satisfaction is a better place to be in. Don’t you think it’s important that the culture within the company is energetic and encouraging to the most, where despite being new, workers have no trouble collaborating to achieve common goals? Meeting different people all the time implies you can work on those networking skills and improve your professional prospects, while gaining valuable experience at the same time. You may also build a network via social media or doing volunteer work for multiple organizations. The point is to get involved and be part of a great team as much as you can. If this helps you create value in your work, then you are on the right track for making a company consider ways to keep you long-term.

3.      Counter the unstable nature of this job by focusing on stability in other areas of your life. Have a good and healthy social circle, with people you are on close terms with, who’d support you and your cause. It makes a big difference; it keeps you calm to deal with everyday challenges as you wait for a suitable full-time job.

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