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How to Ace Your Interview with a Construction Staffing Agency

According to a recent report, the last two years have set a new record for the demand of temp labor. But what’s more interesting is the prediction for a growth in this industry trend for 2015 as well. The organizations might be in for a “flexible workforce” only; that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the opportunity provided by a New Orleans Employment Agency. It can be a way to secure permanent job, to get experience or improve skills, to earn extra in between permanent jobs or the only source of income because you couldn’t find another, more likely permanent, job.

From the several agencies you contact and a few more of the offerings you explored, considering too the compensation and other benefits, you’re finally being called in for an interview with one. While it’s essentially the same as any job interview, there are differences you should be aware of because the better you perform, the greater your chances of placement by them. Besides, the interview with the recruiter can be your rehearsal for one with the employer. So everything from bring the right documents to dressing appropriately is important.

Come Prepared

What’s the most embarrassing thing that can happen in an interview? You turning up without the basic and rather essential documents including fresh copies of resume and cover letter, a list of references, and driver’s license. If you don’t want the process of applying and waiting to begin again because you made this mistake, you’d better avoid it.

Speaking of mistakes, here’s a pro tip: do NOT rush through the paperwork given to you to read. Since you’re getting to know the agency and client on a professional level – and vice versa – everything on that paper is to give you a better idea of their practices, rules, and similar policies. Skim through and you might as well tell them you aren’t serious about finding or keeping the job.

Dress Appropriately

You read it right, it’s not about coming dressed to impress. On the other extreme, you don’t go wearing your PJs either or baby carriers; leave these at home, if possible, so you can leave a good impression and put the agent at ease because their and the agency’s reputation is at stake here as well if you don’t present yourself at the place of assignment. Something you’re comfortable in, proper grooming, and limited jewelry will be fine.

Focus on Tests

The agency is meant to provide good skilled labor to their clients; naturally, they’re going to grill you, questioning in particular about the role and responsibilities you’ve held previously. You were careful about arriving on time, but have in mind that it’s not going to be a Q/A session only; while some agencies mail you tests, others still want you to attempt it in front of them including one for typing, oral/written communication, 10-key test, and your response to customer interactions.

Don’t be nervous. In fact, express your interest and willingness to work with them by asking questions like the type of assignments they’d send your way or if something’s not making sense to you. Also, take it as an opportunity to ask candid questions that you couldn’t possibly ask the prospective employer yourself.

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