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Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Job Search?

Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Job Search? Lack of the right opportunities may be one factor contributing to poor job satisfaction, but have you contemplated what you’re doing wrong on your part that leads to you not being satisfied with your job? The 2012 report by the American Staffing Association states that there

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Seeking Heavy Equipment Operators

We are looking for experienced heavy equipment operators for Hire. Requirements: 1) MUST have certification in operating the equipment.(Privately owned Certification is a MUST) 2) Have at least 2 references 3) Have 3 years experience in operating any specific machinery. 4) Pass background check and drug screenings If you meet these requirements please TEXT (Operator)

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Seeking CERTIFIED FLAGGER for permanent hire. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Minimum 6 months experience with certification (provide resume with references) 2) Pass a Criminal Background check. 3) Pass initial and random drug screens 4) Have own transportation Please text: your name and “(FLAGGER)” to 504-657-0228 and we will call you to set up an interview


We are currently seeking trim Carpenters for hire. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Must have Air Tools 2) Must have experience in building Cabinets and Crown molding 3) Minimum 3 years experience 4) Pass initial and random drug screens 5) PASS A SKILL ASSESSMENT TEST TO DETERMINE YOUR QUALIFICATION Please text: your name and “(TRIM)” to 504-657-0228  and we will call you

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Tips to Help You Find the Candidate You Really Want

Labor economists warn that encouragement of the growing temp labor force culture may cause permanent damage to the workers’ career and retirement plans; the rising demand has nevertheless become the only way for Americans who are unable to find jobs otherwise. Whether it’s to reduce the risk of burnout or the small size of a

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