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How to Hire the Best Skilled Labor for Your Construction Company

Construction companies are in need of good temp labor due to heavy workload during the holiday season. These workers have a great contribution in the company’s profit and reputation-building. Therefore, while finalizing skilled labor for your construction company, make sure you ask them the following pivotal questions.

  1. What makes the worker interested in a temporary position?

Always inquire about the potential candidate’s goals and career ambitions. You must know whether they are interested in the position just for money or looking to have a long-term association with your company along with proper career growth. This will give you a clear idea about the candidate’s attitude towards their work.

  1. What does the temp labor wish to learn from this position?

You can also think out-of-the-box and opt for hiring a temp labor whose skills don’t match your requirements but are highly motivated to learn from this position and excel in their work. Most of the times, a highly skilled but lazy and de-motivated labor can become a liability, while a hardworking and efficient worker who bridges the skill-gap with extensive learning, proves to be an asset for the company.

  1. What kind of mistakes the worker made during their previous job?

Ask your potential skilled labor about the nature and severity of mistakes they made during their previous work. This will give you a good impression about the worker’s honesty and up-front attitude. If the candidate is not willing to take responsibility for any of their mistakes and likes to play the blame-game, then it’s better to hire someone who is more reasonable and level-headed.

  1. Can the potential candidate effectively work in a team and also on individual basis?

It’s imperative for the temp labor to perfectly fit into your company’s culture. Therefore, make sure the candidates possess the required team-work skills and can also function independently without any inhibitions.

  1. What does the candidate know about your company and what do they wish to add to it?

It’s important to know about the candidate’s dedication and level of commitment towards the position and your company. Therefore, cross question your candidate by asking essential and basic questions about the company and learn about their vision and prospects that’ll add value to the company.

  1. What are the significant personality traits of your candidate?

Since your hired skilled labor will be initially required to work with a particular set of workers on an existing project, it’s crucial to know about the candidate’s basic personality and make an informed decision about whether they will fit into the pre-existing work environment or not.

  1. Does your candidate expect to have other job benefits?

Certain construction companies have started providing other job benefits such as self insurance, health-benefits and casual leaves to their temp labor. Therefore, if your company doesn’t provide these benefits, you must ask your candidate whether they are willing to work without these extra privileges or not.

So what’s the hold-up for? Start with your hunt for the best skilled labor right away!

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