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Interview for Temp Workers: Questions You Need to Ask Them

Anyone signing up with a staffing firm like Louisiana Skilled Labor, a New Orleans employment agency specializing in construction staffing, will expect an interview session besides the registration, tests and other formalities. The interview is supposed to enable the hiring manager and the respective company to judge whether the temp labor is indeed best fit for the job opening, and also so that they can learn about your skills (communication, soft, and technical), etc.

The fact that they’re encouraged to be well-groomed, well-dressed, and well-prepared even if the interview is conducted remotely via Skype, if not in person, underscores the importance of interview. As such, hiring skilled labor should be no different from a hiring permanent employee in this instance, if you seek an individual who can adjust to the culture and position you offer.

The following questions can ensure if the talent will follow suit and transit from a temporary to full-time employee successfully.

1.    What sparked your interest in this job opportunity?

It will not only give you an opportunity to know why they want this job but also how ambitious they are regarding their career. Is this to pay the bills or is it in line with an ultimate goal? Does their bigger picture profits your organizations’ objective as well?

Additionally, asking them if they would be interested if a permanent position becomes available is a good move to discern if they are eager for and open to taking up new opportunities within the industry. It also makes a company genuinely invest in their training.

2.              Can you describe one event where you had to adjust to an unusual situation in your career?

The organization wants someone who’s flexible in their approach to work. Since this is a real example, it reflects how quickly they take an initiative and adapt to new environments. These are the two basic characteristics a temp should be displaying to be considered a strong candidate. Even if the worker clearly struggles to adjust but is willing and motivated to learn, they are better suited for the job.

3.    Can you describe one event where you made a mistake? What did you learn then? And what do you hope to learn now from this job?

Of course you want to see how honest an employee they make! This question serves the purpose. Do they take responsibility for their actions? Do they treat experiences as learning opportunities? These are employees you want to retain. And since hiring temp labor in one way, is about ‘trying before you buy’, it may not exactly matter that the individual applicant has a different background if they’re willing to think outside the box.

4.    What value can you add to the company?

Have they done their part and researched your company well? Are they well-informed about the company environment (startup anarchy or corporate hierarchy) and seem to be a perfect fit? What is unique in their personality and skills that might force you to prefer them? Are they, for instance, willing to go above and beyond the job to prove their worth?

Ask the right questions, so that you can hire the right skilled labor.

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