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Tips to Hire Temp Labor: How to Choose the Best Skilled Labor

The US has recently experienced a gradual increase in its temp labor demand. 22% of the total workforce comprises of temp labor. The reasons for that may be many; low cost, easy to hire, etc. Now that the industry is booming again, hiring of temp labor is increasingly becoming common.

What does a temp labor offer that makes them so important? We are part of a dynamic and fast-paced business world. Any fluctuations in the workload can potentially prove to be disastrous for the organization. Here, temp skilled labors save the day. Excessive workload during peak season. Problems caused by employee shortage or absences. All these matters can be handled easily by acquiring the services of temp labor. In case of ongoing search of a new candidate, a temp worker fulfills the demand until a suitable candidate is hired.

So why not avail this opportunity.

 To get the most out of it, follow the following tips.

1.     Benefit policies

Offer lucrative benefit plans to the temp labor. Healthcare, medical insurance, allowances, etc. The tenure of temp labor will decide whether they are eligible for the benefits or not. Enroll temp labor in your health and other benefits program only after they have completed a certain, predetermined period at the job. The benefits being provided to them must be the same as those for the permanent employees.

2.     Engage Employment Agencies

Many organizations do not hire internally but hire the services of employment agencies to fulfill their need of temp labor. Employment agencies are a gateway to the organization. They handle all the complexities; recruiting, screening, hiring and are the representatives of the labor.


 A temp labor might be there for a short while, but their employment must be made safe and legal. It is beneficial for the labor but essential for the organization. It is the joint responsibility of the organization as well as the agency, to cater to the safety requirements of the temp labor. If handled efficiently, it will dispel any chances of a possible lawsuit.    


If you find an employment agency that suits your needs, remember to establish good relations with them. You may need to use their services again. Connections with employment agencies will land you the best skilled labor.

3.     Equal rights

Just like permanent employees, temp labors are also entitled to legal rights. They can claim equal pay and demand the same benefits. If equality is maintained, it will contribute to creating harmony in the organization. The employees should feel themselves as an essential part of the organization. A word of advice, treat and care for temp labor just like permanent employees.


Hiring temp labor might not be the end of the process. You must make them feel comfortable and assure their safety. Try to retain temp employees. Test their abilities and specialized skills before signing them as permanent employees.

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