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What to look for while making an alliance with a Construction Staffing Agency

Nowadays, it’s common practice for different companies to seek the services of construction staffing agencies for temp labor. While this happens to be a profitable venture due to easy availability of skilled and qualified workers with minimal charges, prior research and investigation should be carried out to make sure you select an appropriate construction staffing agency for your company.

We’ve compiled a few points which will help you immensely in making the right choice.

Management of expenses

Before making the final choice for the construction staffing agency, make sure that it manages all the costs of labor recruitment, which include training, payment of payroll taxes, drug screening of labor, medical and unemployment insurance and vacation time and leaves. This ensures that you only have to hire the workers, as and when needed, at the prices being quoted, without additional expense.

Provision of the required labor

The requirements of a construction company change rapidly as new projects turn up, with many of them having a demand for a different set of skilled labor. Therefore, the chosen staffing company must always have sufficient supply of temp and skilled labor to fulfill the requirement of your project. You should never have to compromise by hiring unskilled labor for your firm.

Making your success a priority

Other than providing highly skilled labor for your company, the staffing company should also replace any labor immediately if they cannot perform the given tasks, either due to illness or any other accidental circumstances. If the replacement of such labors gets delayed, it will take a toll on your company’s revenue and reputation, because it will become nearly impossible to complete the given project on time without the needed labor force.

Time-saving and well-organized

The construction staffing company should have a well-planned and methodical system to carry out the task of posting the job, sorting through different resumes, drug screening and background evaluation of the right candidates. This will save your company from all this hassle and you’ll have ample time to direct all your focus and energies on the given construction projects.

Complete guarantee of the provided labor

The construction staffing company that you hire should offer 100% guarantee regarding the background, actions and required skills of all the labor that they provide. In case the labor fails to fulfill the given job description, the staffing company should also perform an immediate replacement without charging any additional fees.

Experience in the industry

Although a number of agencies can provide you with the required labor, but a trusted and reliable provider is one who has been working in the industry for some time. Make sure that you only hire the best staffing company to provide you with the labor you need so that your projects do not face costly delays.

Looking for the best construction staffing company can be a tricky job, but with the tips given above, your hunt will surely become easier!





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